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re: Useful Resource Sites


 Here are some of the resource sites i use for WoW. I imagine you will know most but who knows you might find something useful, if you have any of your own i havent listed please do, i like to read new things






MMO Champ (News, forums, competitions)

Ten Tonne Hammer (News and Guides)

WOW forums

WoWHead (Quest and all things WoW database)

WoW Insider (news site)

Curse (Standard addon database)

WoD Official Site



Class and Strategy


WoD Talent Calculator and perks from Wowhead

Elitist Jerks (a little airy and a little hit and miss depending on thread age but good

How to Priest (all things priest, used to be

Fatboss TV: To the point Raid video guides, humour is a bit lowbrow {:

Icy Veins (standard reliable class and raid guides, the class guides are not super in depth but good primers)

Manaflask: High End Community and Guide site

Noxxic (Class Guides, dont use this as much as the info can be hit and miss sometimes, but still useful)

Sentrytotem: A new Community and guide site for all classes, looks quite good. A lot of well known names in the guides

TheIncBear (Druid Tanking mostly, quite good)

Restokin (primarily resto and Balance Druid Stuff)

Beru's Resto Druid Blog site. 'Falling Leaves and Wings'

Son of a Lich: DK specific community, guide and theory crafting site

Totemspt: Shaman specific Community and theory crafting site


Itemisation and stats and Mog gear



Ask Mr Robot

World of Wardrobes (transmog to get rid of the fugly)

WoW Roleplay Gear (as before to rid of the fugly)



Podcasts, Videocasts and Community


Convert to Raid

TeamWaffle (Druid specific)

Final Boss TV WoW Podcast

Gamebreaker TV

The Instance, Wow Community site and Podcast

Qelrics Blizzard Games News and Vidcast Youtube Channel. This is a very popular channel with 10,000+ subs that discusses all things Blizz

Brutall Static: Guild Master of Static one of the top progression guilds talks about various things WoW including guild and raid leading

Nobell the Noble: Youtube Channel for WoW lore

Realm Maintenance, WoW and Hearthstone Podcast that summarises the best of the overall Podcast Community

Dark Legacy Comics

Primarily Windwalker podcast, In depth

More generalised Monk podcast, covering all specs

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